Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bizarre foods (The Philippine edition)

Professional traveler and gourmand Andrew Zimmern visited the Philippines for an episode of his show Bizarre Foods in search of some of the most bizarre and exotic culinary delights Filipinos enjoy eating. I didn't get to see any of the episodes of the show but fortunately, someone was kind enough to post in Youtube all the video installments. (Nyahaha!)

Installment 1. Of course, no one should overlook balut when they visit the Philippines. See how Andrew tries to swallow this nearly-formed duck fetus! A true-blue Filipino would surely die laughing.

Installment 2. A sidetrip to Quiapo, Manila's most emblematic and arterial district, is obligatory for travelers and gourmands alike. Watch Andrew marvel at his Central Market finds: fresh bamboo shoots, pulutan, cheese-and-yam ice cream... on a hamburger bun!

Installment 3. Andrew visits Angono, Rizal and eats in the famous Balaw-Balaw Restaurant. Fried alagao leaves, soup made out of the testicles of a bull and tree worms called uwok cooked adobo-style. Yum! (Picture courtesy of Andrew's blog)

Installment 4. Next stop is the Philippines' culinary capital, the province of Pampanga, two hours north of Manila. Plates to die for: an adobo of cricket (yes, the insect!), stuffed fried frogs, etc.! (Picture courtesy of Andrew's blog)

Installment 5. Andrew goes to Palawan, home to perhaps the most famous beaches of the Philippines. The ultimate food challenge: fresh mangrove worms dipped in kalamansi!

(Unless otherwise specified, all pictures came from Wikipedia. There are only five videos in this episode.)

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