Friday, August 17, 2007

Amsterdam encounters with Bono and Ronaldinho

I'm no fan of 'em, but when I met Barça player Ronaldinho and singer-cum-socially involved human being Bono in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I completely went nuts.

I think Ronaldinho had a bad tummy that day and he wanted to fart. I caught him completely off guard, snapped this quick photo and went my way. It's a good thing he still could smile despite his upset stomach and given the position he was in.

Then I saw Bono. I think he was thinking of ways to stop climate change when I struck a conversation with him and asked him to post with me for a pic. He happily obliged on the condition that he be portrayed pensive and reluctant. Who am I to say no?

*DREAM SEQUENCE ENDS HERE.* Figures taken from the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Juajuajua!!! XD ¡Me engañaste! ¡Hasta la última línea! Y yo pensando: qué pena de foto, qué pose más rara que tiene el futbolista… al menos Marlon sale bien... y nada, ¡¡¡me lo creí!!! ((*¡¡ingenua de mí!!*)) ;)

Marlon said...

Nyahahahahahaha! A qué molan las fotos, ¿no?