Friday, August 24, 2007

Columnist Malu Fernandez has finally resigned

Alas! Malu Fernandez has finally resigned due to the mounting pressure from Flips all over the world.

If you've been reading the news over the Internet or the newspapers, you probably know that travel columnist Malu Fernandez had previously written an article called "From Boracay to Greece" for the magazine People Asia. It's about how she wanted to slash her wrist because she had to take a plane with Filipino contract workers in Dubai and they smelled of cheap cologne. The very nouveau riche piece reeks of sanctimoniousness and it makes me wonder to no end how the same writer had the chutzpah to say in a subsequent column that people around the world just didn't get her joke.

So, dear Pinoy readers, whoever and wherever you are, please know that The World According to Marlon is OFW-friendly. ALAVYAH!


Anonymous said...


Los últimos serán los primeros !!

Anonymous said...

In today’s fast paced, lightning speed of the information age, when you ran across bitches from upper class hell society who smacks down on OFW’s, and a proclaimed columnist and writer no matter how lousy, uneducated and insentive she is, there’s just one thing sure in this information age: No longer is the media going to be forever exclusively owned by blatantly moronic writers of this kind.

Marlon said...

Gracias por el enlance. Ahora lo pongo en mi blog. ;-)

Marlon said...

Reyna Elena,

Information is power, they say. I'm very glad the Filipinos all over the world reacted the way they did, because between working hard for the money and lambasting people in posh magazines, I'll take the first option any day.


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