Monday, August 6, 2007

Guille Mostaza speaketh

I fell off my seat when I read these....

Remember when I blogged about the concert of Spanish pop group Ellos sometime ago, the one where I was raving about how Guille Mostaza, Santi Capote, are the next big thing? It was originally posted in my old doodly squat of a blog. (I hope Youtube is now fully functional because the original post has two videos.)

Well, somehow Guille Mostaza managed to read my -- ahem! -- humble rant and blogged about it! As in, I-WAS-BLOGGED-BY-A-STAR (pant, pant, pant!):
"También, desde aquí, saludar a Marlon, un chico de Filipinas que se queja de que los discos de Ellos no se editan en Asia. Y es que, amigo mío, si fuese por mí los publicaba hasta en la Antártida, pero..." (I'd would also like to greet Marlon from the Philippines who complains that the CDs of Ellos are not sold in Asia. Friend, if it were only for me, I would've love to distribute them even to Antarctica).
This must be how America's ultimate D-Lister Kathy Griffin feels.

And the icing on the cake: Guille located this blog and posted a comment! I've died and gone and heaven! (This has been a post peppered with exclamation points!!!)

Guille, gracias por pasar aquí y gracias por las canciones que me han acompañado de forma muy especial durante dos años en España. Para mucha gente extranjera, la música más emblemática de España es el flamenco pero yo volveré a Filipinas con tus discos (espero que salga el tercero cuanto antes) que para mí representan lo mejor de la música española de mi generación.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is ultimate! And I thought Ricky Lo immortalizing my name and quoting me in his newspaper column was big time?! Ibang level to! ;)

Marlon said...

Teehee! Isn't it grand? :-)