Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Water, water everywhere!

The European summer is nearing its end, but not without its unpredictability. It was relatively colder last weekend with overcast skies in the morning and a storm toward the evening that ruined my plans on Saturday. But right now, everything is exasperatingly hot. I mean, Greece is burning as I write this entry! That pretty much sums up how hot the weather is today.

So to freshen us up a bit, here are some beautiful waterscapes from Europe.

Lisbon, Portugal. Nothing beats an early morning stroll along the Tagus River. It's nice to greet the sun while you sit on the banks of this river in the Portuguese capital and converse with the fisherfolk.

Majorca, Spain. If you have the means to avoid the city of Palma de Mallorca during the high season and look for an alternative getaway in the hidden places of this main island of the Baleares, then do so. Palma is a lively place, yes, but if you're after some R&R, well...

Hydra, Greece. Of all the islands in the Saronic Gulf, I liked Hydra the best. For some reason, I found it more accommodating and idyllic. Everyone was friendly and the view of the Gulf is simply captivating.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I forgot how this is named (King's Canal? Prince's Canal?) but it's one of the more attention-grabbing canals of the capital city of Holland.

Venice, Italy. I have blogged many times about this place simply because it's magical. These gondolas were crossing the canal just beneath the Rialto Bridge when I snapped them a photo.

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