Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Winter travel versus summer travel

A very important consideration for a budget traveler is when to travel. Unless you're Paris Hilton who can afford to travel with 15 suitcases and stay in a luxury hotel, weather will always be an important factor in planning your trip. So, let's cut to the chase, winter travel or summer travel? Here's my short list of pros and cons:

WINTER (Brugge, Belgium, February 2007)

  • PROS: There are less tourists so, in theory, most hotels and airlines should lower their prices. Also, if there are less people going to tourist spots, queues and waiting time are shorter. For those who come from tropical countries like I do, seeing the snow is always rewarding.
  • CONS: Gloomy, wet and not so nice. If you happen to be in some place where the snow is at its heaviest, expect long delays. And packing is SUCH A BIG CHORE!

SUMMER (Mallorca, Spain, July 2007)

  • PROS: There seem to be more organized tour packages and promos during the summer. If you're the type who loves going out and meeting other people having their break, the season is perfect. Packing your bags is definitely easier because you don't have to worry about bringing jackets and coats.
  • CONS: The heat is sweltering and probably you wouldn't want to do anything other than stay submerged in the water or out of the midday sun. The influx of tourists also results into various delays. Upon reaching your destination, you might not even get to spend quality R&R time because half of the planet is there in your spot.

Any other thoughts?

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