Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

What if the children's show Sesame Street were broadcast around 74 AD, in the ancient Italian city of Pompeii? What would the song "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" include?

Well, not to be missed are the actors and the poets. They provide the entertainment in lieu of television, and it was in the so-called Small Theatre that they honed their craft.

After watching the latest tragedy performed on stage, a hungry citizen could opt to pass by a thermopolium, Pompeii's answer to a snackbar. Small talk with the restaurant owner, perhaps.
Kinky? Well, anyone could go (hush-hush) to the prostitution den known as the lupanare.

A hot day requires some R&R in the public baths, what with all the drama and the sex that a citizen has had. It's the in thing back then and was perhaps the best way to be updated about the latest gossip.


Anonymous said...

Marlon, acabo de descubrir que no tenía bien puesta tu página. He entrado muchas veces y no veía actualizaciones. No se porqué hoy aparece diferente, con todas tus entradas. Me ha alegrado mucho encontrarme con que no habías abandonado esta página.
¡¡¡Que fotos tan chulas!!!!
Saludos desde Valladolid (España)

Marlon said...

Gracias, AlmaLeonor. Ahora que estoy recuperándome la rutina poquito a poco, ya he empezado a actualizar este blog. Gracias y siempre me acuerdo de vosotros ahí.