Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Simeon's Canticle

I suddenly found myself looking (read: craving) for the music video of the song Simeon's Canticle, based on the words the prophet Simeon said upon seeing the presentation of Jesus in the temple. This version is composed for and sung by the Ateneo de Manila-based choir Hangad ("Wish" in Filipino).

Today, as Catholics the world over celebrate Ash Wednesday, this Advent song acquires a whole new meaning as it reminds as that the season of Lent is also a season of rebirth. In a world so caught up with the mundane and the temporary, in a world that seems to be perpetually engaged in a race to the top, Simeon's Canticle shows us that there are only a few things in life that really matter and that salvation reaches us everyday in the littlest, most unnoticeable events that come our way.

The song is cathartic, to say the least. It is a challenge to always strive to be another person's redemption.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marlon:
It is very good to see that in the world there are many people who wish a better world working in the poorest places.
Greetings from Argentina
Your friend

Patricio Iglesias

Marlon said...

Thanks, Patricio!

Unknown said...

Hi Marlon. This is James of Hangad. Thanks for sharing the video! :)

Marlon said...

No prob, James. Thank you for the music. It was great. I'm a fan.