Thursday, March 13, 2008

Metro de Madrid

This is the latest ad of the subway in Madrid, Spain and it involves the Philippines. The plot is that a Filipino has just returned home to Madrid, a village in Mindanao, from Madrid, the capital of Spain. He began telling the townsfolk that the greatest thing about Madrid is its Metro. And the "dumb" folks didn't have any clue what a subway is. It's racist and it's cute, which makes it even more racist.

While it is true that the ad intends to promote the Madrid Metro and not the Philippines, it plays on the stereotypes of backwardness, stupidity and chaos that have always characterized the country and does not in anyway help promote the improving ties between the two countries. While we all know that the Philippines still lacks a lot, to see that lack in a medium as amplified as the television still strikes a sensible chord.

Soy filipino y creo que el spot tiene su gracia. Me hace recordar al célebre pintor nuestro, Fernando Amorsolo. Pero es que todo parece irreal. Igual el mundo piensa que Filipinas es tan retrasado que ni siquiera sabemos nosotros lo que es un metro, por Dios... Claro que no se trata de hacer publicidad de Filipinas sino del Metro, pero tampoco somos así de tontos. Pero para que seamos justos, situaron el ad en la isla de Mindanao, muy lejos de Manila, que de verdad carece de muchas cosas. Pero lo que se resaltó desde mi propio punto de vista es lo avanzada que ya está España y lo subdesarollado está Filipinas. Vacilación total...


Anonymous said...

but it's true, some parts of the philippines are still backward, sad to say. i've heard of stories of famrers being astonished at having lots of food in the fastfood section of megamall. they said they haven't seen so much food in their lives. there are still places which doesn't have proper sewerage systems, etc.

El Mac Gimikero said...

oh, c'mon lets say that it is true, but it does not follow for the entire population most especially of the townsfolk of little madrid in mindanao. this is a heavy case of sterotyping, think about how many pinoys live in spain right now and how they are being badly mistreated, they are surely the laughing stock because of this commercial.

Unknown said...

Estoy de acuerdo con marlon, el video tiene su gracia, pero hace parecer los Filipinos tontos y desconocidos de cosas de la vida siguente. Por cualquier motivo que este video estuvo hecho, no promota buenos relaciones entre España y Filipinas.

I agree with Marlon, the video is funny, but it makes philippine folks look dumb and ignorant of things of everyday life. For whatever reason this video was made, it does not promote goot relations between Spain and Philippines.

Marlon said...

Gracias a todos por dejar comentarios!

Salamat, el mac gimikero.

Gracias, cornholio cyrx!