Monday, May 5, 2008

Liputan's Maytime fluvial festival

Although the Holy Week processions of Meycauayan, Bulacan are among the best in the Philippines, the Department of Tourism does not take notice and only promotes the island of Liputan on its website. While W.A.M. wishes that tourism officials in the country update their website, it is also proud that this island barrio within the bounds of the City of Meycauayan has got the promotion it so richly deserves.

For a typical citizen of Meycauayan (like moi), Liputan is best associated with the fluvial parade that usually happens on the second Sunday of May. This year, however, it is celebrated on the first, given that it is only now that we have low tide for the entire month.

Of all fiestas in Meycauayan, the fiesta of Liputan is the most extravagant, lively and well-known. It starts early in the morning when the images of the Holy Cross and the Virgin are placed on their carriages and then taken to the city on a big makeshift boat called a pagoda.

Once loaded in the pagoda, whoever would still fit it could come along with the patron saints. Others opt to take their own boats, called bangka, with them. The retinue moors by the docks of Barrio Saluysoy, in the city market, and from there the entire fishing village with its patrons, marching bands and escorts parade toward the main church, the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, for the 9 AM mass.

What happens after the mass is up to anyone's imagination... although one should take into account that fisherfolks are a generous lot and May is the best time to eat crabs and shrimps and drink lotsa beer (Mmmm...)

I soooo love the month of May! Happy Fiesta!


Peregrino said...

very interesting!

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¡¡¡Qué bonito!!!

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Minnie said...

Thanks Marlon for featuring our fiesta here in Baranggay Liputan. Our Patron "Mahal na Señor" is miraculous, we celebrate this fiesta for HIM....