Friday, July 4, 2008

HOTEL REVIEW: Shi Ji Huang Shan Hotel, Beijing, China

DATE OF VISIT: February 21 to 23, 2008

PLUSES: Though a 3-star hotel, it is a very affordable place to stay in the heart of Beijing. It's located in a minor road, which means that you could get a quiet night after a day of sightseeing. My major horror before going to China was having a dirty room, so it was a happy discovery that Shi Ji Huang Shan is VERY NICELY kept. Big bathrooms for big people.

MINUSES: Well, as in any place in China, it's the communication problem that gets you. I was expecting people in the hotel to at least be able to get what I'm saying in English. But no... it's totally a lesson of doing sign language and charming you way to get what you needed. The breakfast was buffet, which was good, but it's über-Chinese so people who're not used to eating greasy noodles and rice in the morning should be warned.
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Patricio Iglesias said...

What a luck! You have been to China! I would love to do your travels. Please come soon to Argentina! I'd like to find some day in your blog a title like "Recorriendo Buenos Aires". HA HA HA HA HA
"My major horror before going to China was having a dirty room, so it was a happy discovery that Shi Ji Huang Shan is VERY NICELY kept"
I don't understand why appear these myths. "Chineses and frenchs are all of them dirty, japaneses and germans are all of them ordered; etc". Maybe geography infludes in habits, but doesn't determinate them fatally.
Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

hi marlon. google directed me on your blog when i searched shi ji huang shan hotel. we're planning to visit beijing next month. i'm actually looking for a hotel near forbidden city or at least we can go there by our own. please advice. btw, we're living on the same city, i'm from st. francis subdivision. thanks in advance! =)

Marlon said...

hello, anonymous!

well, if i remember it correctly, there are no hotels near the forbidden city. when you're in beijing, you'll find out that the f.c. was purposely constructed far from where people live because the emperor couldn't be seen by his subjects.

a possibility is looking for a hotel in the tianamen square, which is at the other end of the f.c.

i strongly recommend that you do the package tour instead of venturing out on your own. communication is the main problem in china and what may seem to be cheap at first may end up more expensive once you've summed up all the fees you would incur for weird restos, sly cabbies and mixed-up transpo. there are tours for $200, everything included (hotel, plane, all meals and entrances). browse through phil star and inquirer on a monday (Page 2, to be exact). You'll find very good offers there.

Lorraine said...

Do They Have internet here? I hope you respond to this comment. Thanks!

Marlon said...

Hello, Pat! As far as I know, there is no Internet connection in the hotel. Then again, I'm afraid didn't bother to ask. Have you tried contacting them directly?

Karen said...

Hi Marlon!

Great reviews on your blog. :) I was just wondering how you would rate the location of this hotel? We're going to Beijing in October and have 2 full days of tours to all the major sites but 1 free day to roam around. Is there a lot to do in the area within walking distance (i.e. shopping, restaurants, siteseeing) or would we have to take cabs/the metro everywhere?


Marlon said...

Hello, Karen! It really depends on what you consider fun. There's a theater near the hotel that shows Peking Opera, so if you like that, it's gonna be a treat. I personally like roaming around markets and the location of this place is perfect for that.

There is no metro that passes near the hotel, but there are buses. But I'd really advise you to think twice since the language barrier could make a whole lot of difference.

Vida said...

Hi Marlon. I just wanna know if you have the address or any contact info for Shi Ji Huang Shan Hotel. And also if this hostel is near Wangfujing Street. Hope for your reply. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
I've stayed here twice. It's not the nicest hotel I've stayed at in China (I've been there 11 times) but it's by far not the worst. I think for the price the location is awesome and the level of cleanliness is acceptable (bathrooms are a little small though if you're concerned about that). I've only stayed in the western style part, apparently they have Chinese style rooms as well. The staff speaks pretty good English and is very helpful. If you are an artist head the opposite direction from the Forbidden City from the hotel and you'll find a bunch of art supply shops.

Anonymous said...

That post was also supposed to say the hotel is just around the corner from the North end of the Forbidden City. It's maybe a 3 minute walk.