Wednesday, November 26, 2008

World of graffiti

People who have been in any public toilet in the Philippines know that the walls and doors of these places offer a slice of the Filipino pysche. From profound philosophical musings to indecent proposals, Philippine graffiti are an exciting source of information about how we, Pinoys, see the world.

But how about in other countries? How do their graffiti look like? Here are two examples:

Beijing, China. I saw this on my way down from the Great Wall of China. It's funny that by using Chinese characters, the graffito looked divine (although I'm willing to bet my 50 pesos that they mean something not for the consumption of the general public). I really wonder what these characters mean. Any one willing to translate to English?

Delphi, Greece. I think these are historical graffiti (ehehehe), although I must say that I'm prone to exaggeration. I wonder how ancient Greeks vandalize public places. Did they use chisels and hammers? :-)


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

You have me hooked ... and I am following anonymously. I found you on Travel Blog on Flickr where I have started the group Yukon Wilderness Arc - Interior Alaska.

Antonis Kirikos said...

heheheh... really funny that thing about ancient graffiti...

I think teenage graffiti artists carried their hammer and chisel with them!!