Friday, February 13, 2009

HOSTEL REVIEW: Superb Hub @ Bugis City, Singapore

DATE OF VISIT: February 8 to 9, 2009

PLUSES: The sharp difference in terms of prices of everything in Singapore can be noted when you're crossing over from Malaysia or Indonesia (and I'm thinking in Philippine pesos here). That said, you get your money's worth in this hostel. The hosts (mother-and-son tandem Sim and Ronnie) are so courteous and helpful. There's air conditioning *and* electric fan in the rooms to help combat the sweltering Singaporean heat; water in the toilets and shower room is abundant 24/7. The minute details of giving you bottled water upon your arrival and lending you the ez-link card (the transportation card in Singapore which otherwise you would have to buy for SG$7) are an added bonus. The location is fantastic. It's in the Arab area of the city filled with bazaars, thrift shops, Middle Eastern restaurants and a 7-11. The Raffles Hospital and the nearest MRT station are about a minute away walking. Strongly recommended, especially if you're backpacking.

MINUSES: There's no elevator here, a problem Ronnie resolves by helping guests with their luggages. Since land is a precious commodity in Singapore, each room (I stayed in Room N) is maximized by integrating the bed with the cabinet and the table. You have to climb up to reach your bed and go down to get things from the table. The setup is sturdy although you could sometimes feel the floors shaking because of people trying to get down their bedposts.

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Interesting post there. I feel the quality of singapore hospitals have reached a world class standard. What are your thoughts?