Saturday, March 28, 2009

The day after tomorrow... (An Earth Hour 2009 Special)

Imagine a world, hot, putrid and lifeless, where every drop of potable water, every gust of fresh air, and every spatter of fuel have become rare commodities that only few can afford. And then imagine that this is your world.

Perhaps, whatever place you have reached and whatever travel you have made, there remains but one place you end up in. And that one place is this planet we are trying to save.

The World According to Marlon, in support Earth Hour 2009, downs all its previous entries on its main page from 8:30 PM of March 28 to 8:30 PM of March 29.

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Patricio Iglesias said...

Dear Marlon:
I make no more that according completely with you. We are in front of a problem more serious than me use to think.
¡Saludos de Argentina!

Patricio Iglesias