Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charice Pempengco in Italy!

Once again, Filipina Charice Pempengco did music wonders, this time in an Italian show called Ti lascio una canzone (literally, I leave you a song) where she did duets with Italian kids who also wanted to make a career in singing.

Charice did her staples "I will always love you," "I will survive," "The Prayer" and, in this bit, "I believe I can fly." What with all the Hayden-Katrina sex scandal, this news about the youngest face of Philippine music making waves abroad is more than enough to make us all believe in being Filipino. Mabuhay, Charice!

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RommelLlanes said...

hi can we use the video on peparazzi. we'l credit the video upload on youtube as yours.