Monday, September 28, 2009

Manila underwater

It's one of those days when you feel all alone and no one is around to help. And worse, no one really seemed to care. Typhoon Ketsana (Local name: Ondoy) made landfall in the Philippines last Saturday and flooded the whole of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, the worst typhoon the country has had in the last 40 years with the amount of water on that fateful day equivalent to what should fall for a whole month! This collage made by UP MassComm batchmate Glenn Omanio tells the sad story.

This following video was taken from the UERM Hospital during Ondoy's wrath. See how cars get swallowed by the raging waters... and this was just a snippet of the entire scenario that destroyed cities and provinces and left many people homeless or dead.

Let me just say in closing that as soon as I've gotten back my Internet connection, I tried posting in several groups I have in Internet (e.g., Flickr) to raise awareness on the matter. Unfortunately, many people do not seem to mind and were so apathetic. So, dear reader, I am taking this opportunity to ask you to spread the word that help could be given to the Philippines through its Red Cross. And you coul also get more information from the website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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