Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surviving Caramoan (Part I)

First of all, Happy 2010! W.A.M. has been on a rather longish hiatus since I've been here and there and was -- am -- busy with professional commitments. Having said that, let's welcome the New Year with pictures from the latest trip I did... to Caramoan, Philippines.

Caramoan is an island belonging to the province of Camarines Sur, located on the eastern tip of the island of Luzon, right next to the Pacific. It first caught international attention when the French version of the world-famous reality show "Survivor" has been filmed on the island. Since then, several other versions (Israel, Bulgaria and Serbia) have been shot in this paradise on earth.

My secondary-information research pretty much ends here. I'm not the most physical person on the planet (as you might already know) and the beach will be the last place I'll ever find myself in. So imagine my apprehension when I found myself booking plane to Naga on my way to take a wooden banca to the island of Caramoan.

(To be continued...)


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I like the guy in the orange suit :-)

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