Saturday, July 3, 2010

The world according to Gaga

So how many Lady Gaga videos have you watched? And more interestingly, how many alternate versions have you caught? The thing with the versions people do of Lady Gaga is that the copy becomes even better than the original.

Take this acapella cover of Just Dance sung by Indonesian siblings Gamaliel and Audrey Tapiheru and their friend Cantika. They caused quite a stir in the Philippines blogosphere since most thought that they were Pinoys.

The group Noteworthy of the University of California in Berkeley this super funny parody of Poker Face. The Asian guy owned it.

And this one I like. Bad Romance, as performed acapella by On the Rocks of the University of Oregon. I posted this a couple of months back in Facebook, but since everyone seems to be reposting it now, I might as well repost the video on my blog. Enjoy!

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