Friday, October 15, 2010

Caramoan in photos (A Blog Action Day 2010 post)

Going to Caramoan, in the province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines, is like going through time to an age when the simple joys of life mattered, when a clear ray of sunlight and the blue waters of the sea were enough to make one smile and feel content. It's like going to a place that city dwellers now only know from books: abandoned islands of white sand and coconut trees, fresh fish for lunch and dinner, miles and miles of clean water that sustained life in the municipalities that surround it.
With its ragged beauty and simplicity, Caramoan has been a favorite destination for Filipinos in search of some R&R. It caught international attention, however, when several seasons of the reality show Survivor from various franchisees the world over came to shoot here. Caramoan, after all, is one of the few remaining frontiers of this once lush archipelago.
There has been a very noticeable increase in local tourism in such a way that there have been talks about building an airport and improving the condition of the roads, something that the impoverished communities in this part of the Philippines could benefit from.
And the challenge now is this: the island withstand the influx of tourists and preserve the very attractions that brought them in in the first place? An answer in the affirmative will be very much welcome.


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Unknown said...

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Manisha Chopra said...

Such beautiful pics. Loved them so much.