Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bollywood has "arrived"

Don't you just find Indian Cinema über-fascinating? I mean, when almost any other national cinema feels the heat of competition from Hollywood, Bollywood is thriving with a whopping 800 films a year!

What's more fascinating is that Bollywood has been able to fuse many traditional elements of the Hindu culture with Western cinematographic know-how. The result? A grand production of music and dance in a colorful backgroup of endless costumes and unique dance moves!

I recently joined the Mumbay-bound bandwagon when I caught a video by Abhishek Bachchan, known as Bollywood's Brad Pitt (who has recently married Miss World winner and Bollywood's most international actress Aishwarya Rai) in the Zee Awards in India. He ended up dancing with her toward the end of the song, by the way. I *really* recommend watching this video. It'll take quite a bit of effort especially if you already have made up your mind on Indian cinema but I swear that the production number is very good and the theme is so catchy, it grows on you. Is there any one out there who knows the title of this song?

Book me a flight to India, quick!

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