Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A day in Paris from the Eiffel

Paris by day. Well, I think my friend Archie and I started queueing to enter the Eiffel at around 4 PM. Unfortunately, only one entrance gate was opened and there were a lot of tourists. We finally got in after about 45 minutes.

Paris by dusk. This was on the second tier of the Eiffel. It turned out that there were more people falling line there so I think we spent around three hours more in the queues to the elevator to the topmost spot.

Paris by night. Nope, this wasn't on topmost tier. This was still where I took the second pic. Yup, we waited that long!


Anonymous said...

Waah! I want to visit Paris! (cries out loud) Nice pics Marlon! Put some watermark or label para di manakaw pictures mo! :) See you soon!

Marlon said...

Thanks! I always puts labels on the pic, but for these three, I seem to be having problems. I downloaded 'em using another program so they don't seem to function in my present photo editor.

francesbean said...

i envy your travels! :) france is my ultimate travel dream. but should study french first haha. lovely blog, i'll definitely add to my feeds.

Marlon said...

Merci beaucoup, francesbean! Parisians generally speak English, so language is really no biggie. Good luck on your future trip to France!