Friday, July 20, 2007

Pictures please (Part II)

Asians, however, seem to be more keen on taking very good photos. Well, to some extent, it's one of our most enduring stereotypes. (Have you ever since a group of Japanese or Chinese tourists enter a museum or whichever landmark? You should know what I mean.)

Koreans took this photo in Bruges, Belgium. They ask if I was American. I said I wasn't. They said I should be because of the accent. I insisted I wasn't. Then they ask me if the Philippines is a good place to visit. I should've brought flyers. Nice folks.

This one, on the other hand, was taken by a Japanese in Seville, Spain during the Holy Week. Imagine my surprise after I asked him to take my picture. He knelt, positioned the camera, and shot this splendid photo with the façade of the cathedral of Seville at the back. The guy must've been around 60 years old, mind you.

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