Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rediscovering the jive with the Fantastic Four

Friends should know that, in order to skip the obligatory military training in my high school, I took up dancing and became a member of my school's dance troupe.

This love-and-hate affair with dance was soon replicated in college when I took up Basic Social Dance (because I wanted to) and Advanced Social Dance (because I was forced to) with Tom V. Peña. (And oh, I finally did not get away with the required military training in college. I finished my ROTC training and graduated as member of the honor battalion.)

Six years and almost a bazillion pounds later, I was able to see a Youtube video of the newest singing sensation of Sweden called Fantastic Four (the singers, not the superheroes). Nope, they don't sing like Abba, as most of their repertoire consists of motown classics and tunes so funky, you'd just have to dance the jive.

One of the catchy songs they have is the late 50's hit Why do fools fall in love? I think it's even better than the original version! So put on your dancing shoes, click on the picture and let's do the jive! (Picture courtesy of the group's official website.)

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