Monday, August 13, 2007

The Classic

In graduate school, a classmate lent me a VCD copy of a Korean film called The Classic. I was initially having doubts about watching it since I wasn't really a fan of Korean films. True, their TV series were okay but films were unknown to me back then.

After watching The Classic, however, I became an instant fan. It's a war movie, yes, but it was done so tastefully (the twist at the end is brilliant!) that after the movie, I didn't get that heavy feeling of remorse that war flicks usually induce. I'll be out for the week, so I leave you this music video of the theme song of the film. Enjoy and see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marlon! I have some Korean DVDs here. I can lend them to you when you get home. My interest in Korean culture grew since I took a short course there. I can now speak the language! :) Anywho, see you soon!