Saturday, August 4, 2007

Problems with Vueling

My friend Luisa's Vueling flight from Pisa, Italy to Madrid, Spain was delayed for 9 hours. She finally reached Valladolid at around 3 AM.

In other news...

Vueling has reported heavy loses amounting to 33.7 million euros during the first half of 2007.

"Vueling, la primera aerolínea de bajo coste española, ha entrado en un estado agudo de convalecencia operativa y bursátil, del que le va a costar largo tiempo salir, pese a que las constantes vitales del enfermo parecen seguir funcionando." (Vueling, the first Spanish low-cost airline, has entered a period of sharp operative and stock-market decline, a problem that will take a long time to be panned out even though the company's rough basics still seem to be functioning. News originally in Spanish. Read more here.)

Sh*t... I'm taking Vueling to Barcelona in August and Florence in September. The horrors!

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