Thursday, August 2, 2007

The universality of Filipino music

While most people in the Philippines prefer listening to foreign (Read: American) tunes, Filipino music has reached far-flung places and is enjoyed by people as diverse as Czechs and Venezuelans. It's a wakeup call for Flips everywhere to cherish their own musicality and be proud that they are Pinoys! Mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

Waray-waray ("Natives of the Leyte Region"), sung by DeConcierto of Venezuela. This song had been previously recorded by the legendary Eartha Kitt.

Ikaw ("You"), sung by the University Choir of Pardubice of the Czech Republic

Does anyone want the translation to English or Spanish? Lemme know...


francesbean said...

haha, i have the eartha kitt version :)

The Ikaw rendition gave me the chills.

Marlon said...

I know! Goosebumps all over!