Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More funny street signs

In two previous posts, I have written about some funny street signs in Pamplona. The first one was about a beer and a salad and the other one, about a public market. Here are two new ones, this time written in Gallego and Catalan.

This scanned pic (thanks, Pilar!) from a morning newspaper is of a store sign in Galicia. It reads, "We open when we arrive. We close when we go out. And if you see that we're not around, it means that we haven't chanced upon one another." Talk about having a stress-free business.

This one, on the other hand, is a sign in Catalan posted in a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, along the Avenida Diagonal. It reads, "Sorry for our Catalan. We're taking language lessons everyday from 5 to 6 PM." Hehehe, Visca Catalunya!


Anonymous said...

Excellent street signs, I liked the one in the Mexican restaurant, cool...visca!

Marlon said...