Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two years in two boxes

I have been stressed out for the past few days, basically because I'm preparing for my return to the Philippines. Since there's this cruel policy of bringing just 20 kilos on board the flight, I had to send most of my stuffs in a box... Make that two boxes.

I'm sad as sad can be...


francesbean said...

only two? kc concepcion had to send home 50+ boxes after four years in paris. (haha, useless tidbit right there)

packing is the most stressful thing, i lose sleep over it, 'are they going to let me through even with six kilos over or not'. isn't the limit supposed to be 30 kg. for the check-in luggage? (at least that's what i know for LH and SQ)

Good luck and have a pleasant journey.

Anonymous said...

See you soon Marlon! :)