Friday, January 18, 2008

Food trip (The Italian Edition)

In a previous post, I have raved about some of the best food finds I made when I was in Europe. I intend to do the same in this blog entry, but now, let's focus on Italy, shall we? Like most people, I have always been fascinated with Italian cuisine. But other than the typical pasta-and-pizza fare associated with Italy, there are more great food finds that one can enjoy in this food-loving nation.

I have written before about lampredotto in Florence, Italy. It's a filling (and for me, personally, comforting) meal that is affordable and ready to go. Not to be missed.

No cow should come near Florence since other than its innards for the lampredotto, the Florentines love to eat beef and are in fact famous for a steak called the bistecca fiorentina. I have discovered this restaurant called Il Boccale on the Borgo Santi Apostoli, number 33r. The bistecca, about three inches thick, is grilled and served medium-rare. Best eaten with a tall mug of cold beer. This one I ate cost around 35 euros, coperto (silverware) fee and beer included. (Telephone: 055283384, Fax: 055283546).

For those who rather eat vegetables, I have to confess that I am a big fan of insalata caprese. It's translated in English as Capri salad and is made with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil or arugula (rucula in Italian), and a generous splash of good olive oil. This beauty is from the Pizzeria La Scuderia along the Via in Arcione in Rome, Italy. Cheap, comforting and nice for a summer afternoon.

In the same pizzeria, you can order another wonderful salad called insalata di frutti di mare (seafood salad). Their version includes squid, crab sticks, some shrimps, black olives, parsley and olive oil. Perfect when you are in the Fontana di Trevi area.


Anonymous said...

hello! found your link at multiply.great description,really appetizing, even the salad.I'll definitely be googling for their recipes...except for the one with the innards,just isaw or bopiz for me,thank you. nice food photos, by the way. :)

Marlon said...

thanks, pinknognog!