Monday, March 3, 2008

Blogs, blogs and blogs

Let's take a break from all our travels and talk about blogs:
  1. The Greek multilingual blog called Maraki in the Land of Gods has nominated W.A.M. to the Premio Arte y Pico awards for being a nice travel blog. Thanks, Maraki! You really should visit the Philippines soon.
  2. I am advertising the blogs made by my students as project in their Spanish class. The first one is located here and the other one, here. Their first entry is a personal introduction (in Spanish, of course) so that the entire blogosphere would take notice. I have to say that for an elementary Spanish class, they are quite good.
  3. This blog entry by AlmaLeonor (in Spanish) is superb. I liked it a lot, and I am thankful for people who still use their brains to think and say a thing or two against racism.
  4. And finally, let me just close by saying that I had bought a second copy of Spanish pop group Ellos's second album because I mistakenly thought I misplaced the copy that I had before. Guille Mostaza, if you're reading this, I now have two copies of Ni lo sé, ni me importa. That's how devoted I am to you, hehe, and I wouldn't mind getting an autographed copy of your third album, since as you very well said, no CD of yours reaches the Philippines.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Marlon, me alegré muchísmo cuando Maraki me dijo que te había galardonado con el premio "Arte y Pico". Enhorabuena!!!!

Y muchísimas gracias por dedicar siempre tam buenas palabras a Helicón. Gracias.