Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Passion of Christ

Images have been an integral part of worship in the Roman Catholic Church, so it is but logical that on the days when the very core of the Catholic doctrine is commemorated by the faithful the world over, some of the most splendid images done throughout the centuries play an important role in the Church's popular display of faith.

The following are taken from the many processions done in the Castilian city of Valladolid, in Central Spain. While most people would more familiar with the celebrations done in Seville in Southern Spain, the processions in Valladolid remain unparalleled in their wealth of artistic creations that carry the most illustrious names in Spanish religious art, to wit, Gregorio Fernández, Juan de Juni, Alonso Berruguete, Pedro de Ávila, Francisco del Rincón, Pompeyo Leoni, etc.

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