Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ice cream tour in Florence

One of the fondest memories I have of my short stay in Florence, Italy was the ice cream tour we did as part of the cultural immersion program of the language school where I was enrolled in. It was an afternoon filled with sweetness (literally!) and we visited the three most important gelaterie (gelato shop) of the city.

The best in my opinion is Grom (Via del Campanile, corner Via delle Oche); the gelato here is divine! My personal favorite is cioccolato fondente combined with pistacchio... on second thought, the chocolate is so thick, sweet and rich that it can stand alone. If you're in the area of the Duomo of Florence, Grom is located at the right-hand side facing the façade of the Cathedral. It's a lonely street but everyone knows where good ice cream can be found.

Perchè No (Via dei Tavolini) is the favorite of my foster family. The ambience is very modern and the servings could drown moderate eaters. It's near the area of the Piazza della Signoría, so grab some straciatella before gazing at David's naked body.

Vívoli (Via Isole delle Stinche) is located within the area of the Church of the Santa Croce. It's a family-owned place that has been in Florence for quite sometime (if I'm not mistaken it's the oldest). I was so bloated with sugar when we arrived here so what I did was to go to the salumeria (cheese and cold cuts store) in front and bought a couple of herbed goat cheese in virgin olive oil.

(Dedicated to Walter, Marc, Flor, Jenni and all friends from the world over who shared a cup of ice cream with me in Firenze! Mi mancate troppo.)

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