Sunday, July 27, 2008

Them French love us Filipinos (Koh Lanta goes back to the Philippines!)

Many posts back, I wrote that Koh Lanta, the French edition of the reality TV show Survivor, was filmed in the beautiful island of Palawan, the Philippines. The show introduced this tourist destination to the French-speaking public and made Palawan an even more popular vacation spot!

For its eighth season, Koh Lanta goes back to the Philippines, this time to the province of Camarines Sur (known locally among hip Pinoys as "Camsur"), on the beach of Caramoan, dubbed as the Philippines' Hidden Paradise. The beach is as glorious as those of Palawan and should really make any Filipino proud of his country.

See the opening credits of Koh Lanta, Season 8, here. And should this post pique the interest of potential tourists from here and abroad, I found this nice blog to help you organize your trip and visit us here in the Philippines soon.

(Photo courtesy of the Official Koh Lanta website)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the link, Marlon!
Unfortunately, the YouTube vid has been pulled out due to copyright reasons.

Caramoan is unbelievable, with its blinding white beaches and turquoise waters yet unsullied by the sun-loving hordes (of which I am part, hehe). Hopefully the tourist guides and caretakers of this island - hey, isn't that us Filipinos, too? - have learned from the irreparable concrete maze that is Boracay and practice sustainable tourism.

Now comes the hard part: picking the tour dates! ;)