Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HOSTEL REVIEW: Matahari Lodge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DATE OF VISIT: February 5 to 6, and then 11, 2009

PLUSES: The location is excellent: it's in front of the Metro, near the main bus station and a stone's throw away from the Central Market and Chinatown. There's a 7-11 right downstairs. Lee is very friendly, helpful and accommodating, and speaks very good English. Zack is also nice, although that other guy, Mann, is not especially friendly to Asians; and I was with my Malaysian friend who spoke to him in Malay as he responded haughtily in English. The schmuck suddenly changes with Westerners. Water is no problem and the beds are comfortable. Everything is squeaky clean.

MINUSES: It's claustrophobia galore with windowless rooms whose only opening is an exhaust fan. The walls are thin, so hope your neighbors are not fond of talking or throwing stuffs around at night. I would've wanted a fluffier pillow, as well. Oh, and have I told you about that guy Mann?

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