Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eat, shop and see in FLORENCE, ITALY

Let's cut the crap, shall we? While most travel guides provide their readers the standard, sponsorship-driven tips, W.A.M. inaugurates its newest section, Eat, shop and see, to help readers find their way in the city of their choice. And what better way is there to kick off this section than to start in Florence, Italy.
  • Eat. Other than the usual finds of gelato and bistecca fiorentina, three things in Florence are worth sampling. For cheap but filling pasta and gnocchi, I strongly recommend La Cantinella on Via Borgo San Lorenzo (Tel nº: 055-213-525). Do go downstairs in the tavern to have an extraordinary Florentine gastronomic experience. Then if you're on Via Isole delle Stinche go to the salumería in front of the gelateria Vívoli and sample the shop's herbed cheese in olive oil. Simply divine! And of course, go to the revered lampredotto store in the Mercato Nuovo.
  • Shop. If you're looking for something to bring home, try the Enoteca Lombardi inside the Mercato Centrale. Their sun-dried tomatoes are yummy and hold well during long trips. The lady who speaks impeccable English is very accommodating and suggests products you could take home.
  • See. In the area of the Ponte Vecchio in an obscure corner near the opening of the bridge is a metal stand teeming with padlocks. Tourists from the world over are just dying to come back. Who wouldn't?

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