Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pictures please (Part I)

An important skill that anyone who wishes to travel should develop involves asking another tourist to take his picture, if and when the budget traveler travels alone and the tripod cannot be adjusted to fit a certain angle.

It's a high-risk move, considering that many people who would gladly do you the favor: (1) don't have the same idea of what constitutes a good photo, (2) are incapable of using someone else's cam, or (3) are thieves waiting to run away with your precious apparatus.

That said, I was rummaging through my files for a possible blog entry today when I chanced upon two interesting pictures taken for me by two (totally unrelated) Spanish-speaking tourists in Bruge, Belgium.

This one was done by a Spaniard who was taking a breather in the center of the town square. I said to him that I wanted to capture the town hall in the background. He did capture it... along with 10 meters of the street.

This one, in turn, was courtesy of a young Mexican guy who was in Bruge with his wife for their honeymoon. They wanted the belfry taken and I happily obliged (it was a good pic, I so swear). Afterwards, I asked them if it would be okay if they take the same photo for me. The guy did, but I feel as if he was already drunk by then. Oh well.

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