Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny signs from China

Let me just say, before anything else, that Blogspot took soooooo long to have anything uploaded to its system. The Internet seems problematic these days for some reason.

Having said that, I'm back with more funny street signs, this time from Beijing, China. Regular readers of my blog know that I have a collection of street signs from the world over. Here are some from the Forbidden City:

"Perilous..." hehe. When hills are described as perilous, you know you're in another universe.

Well, in another country, the unimaginative lot would just say "Danger. Don't climb." You can fault the Chinese for anything, except for lack of imagination.


Patricio Iglesias said...

I didn't know about your "banner hobbie". As I see, Chineses are people very poetic and imaginative. At least more than argentinians.
See you soon!

Patricio Iglesias

jsncruz said...

I beg to disagree. =) The way Mainland Chinese authorities translate Chinese to English is very literal and it makes for some horrendously terrible signs.

Take for instance:
1. Here we have Chinese caked preparing for foreigners.
2. Wonderful srteet. (sp)
3. Get off the bicycle.
4. It forbids entering a room.
5. Please keep off the pet.

See what I mean mate? =)

JhoyskeeJourney said...

Funny Signs :)

Hehehe! By the way... you have been tagged :) Please check out my site by clicking here, hehe!