Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More naked Italian men

It's official: the most popular post of W.A.M. is that one about nude Italian men, closely followed by a hodgepodge of naked European guys. And I'm betting 50 pesos that most -- if not all -- accessed my blog thinking that I'm talking about that kind of nudes, and kept reading the entry with the hope that some flesh would be seen.

But no, since this is a wholesome (ahem!) blog, the most we could show is some hard and smooth... carved marble (ehehehe). Here's more from the Vatican; don't you just wonder why we have so many nudes in the heart of Catholicism? So here you go, dear kinky readers! Look at naked bodies and learn history!

Apollo del Belvedere. The most part of the art collection of Pope Julius II that shows the Greek god of light in his naked best... which seems to say that if you have good bone structure, you could go naked and pose all you want.

Laocoön. Another piece from Julius II's collection. The Greek prophet Laocoön is shown here with his two sons being strangled by serpents sent by the goddess Athena. Talk about revenge.

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